301 Redirects – SEO Value

If you have moved a URL or website you will likely have submitted a 301 Redirect to make certain all your link juice transfers over. If you do not do this properly and you submit a 302 or a 404 you are going to find that your Google Search rankings disappear; sometimes completely. After the 301 Redirect has been properly placed, many website owners want to know just how long it will take for their new page to show up in the Google Search results.

We are currently doing a test study in which a page ranked #1 and disappeared after the URL structure was changed. We submitted the proper 301 redirect on October 7th, 2016. As soon as it comes back in the search rankings we will update this page to let you know exactly how long it took.

Our guess is it will take a few days to possible two weeks. While this can be a difficult pill to swallow, this is the exact reason you will want an SEO expert in your corner for times when you move your website or change URLs to a specific page. Remember, changing URLs is not bad as some URLs need to be updated. That said, when you update them, you will want to properly 301 redirect so you don’t lose all that link juice.

UPDATE: It took less than 24 hours for the 301 redirect to take effect. The page is now ranking in the #1 spot on Google Search about 16 hours after we completed the 301 redirect and fetched and rendered both the old URL and the new URL in Google search console.

Some people will try to go change all the links to the new URL but that is way too much time and too much effort. Download the “Redirects” plugin for WordPress, properly 301 the old URL to the new URL and you won’t have to worry about losing the link juice. We would also suggest going in and fetching and rendering the old URL and the new URL. If done properly, it should say the following for the old URL:


Should You 301 Redirect a Page If You Update the URL in WordPress?

Within WordPress, if you update a URL it will automatically redirect users from the old URL to the new URL. Unfortunately, this does not mean it converts the SEO juice according to Google. You may find that when you click the old page link it sends you to the new page link but all those external links you built pointing to the old page are not converted over. This can be confusing, but all you need to know is that you need to properly submit a 301 Redirect if you want to keep your SEO juice.

The easiest way to properly 301 Redirect an old link to a new link is the plugin “Redirects”. Make certain it is the redirects plural plugin. Also note that the “From” URL is what comes after your URL and not your full domain. The “To” URL will include the domain name so it will look like this:

FROM – 301-redirect-wordress

TO – https://wojdylosocialmedia.com/301-redirect-wordpress-new

Once you submit both the new and old URLs to be fetched and rendered in Google Search Console, the old Google Webmaster Tools, you will find that the 301 is properly in place. Then you will know that you won’t lose the link juice that you built to this page.

Most people are very confused when it comes to 301 redirects. If you change any URL structure within your website we strongly suggest 301 Redirecting to the new page even if you don’t think you have any external links pointing to the old page. We are doing a case study to see how long it takes for the 301 redirect to take effect. You can follow at the link.