Google Includes Ads in Google Local 3 Pack Search Results

UPDATE: On November 22nd, 2016 we noticed this in Google search for Los Angeles car accident lawyer:


For the first time, Google has included paid ads in the Google Local 3 pack search results on mobile. This is a screenshot taken on November 10th, 2016:


Note that the ad does not include an option to call but is located at the top of the Local 3 pack. We all knew this day was coming but it could be bad news for those that have been trying to rank in the Local Maps because there was less competition in relation to ads.

This search was for a car accident lawyer and we are certain the personal injury lawyer keywords are going to be some of the first in which Google offers local ads. As soon as we tried the search again, the ad did not show up. In fact, we were unable to trigger the ad again so it was obviously a test.

Have you seen ads in the Google Local 3 Pack Map search results? Do you think this is good or bad? Is your business willing to spend money on the local ads if you don’t rank in the top 3?