How to Get a Blog Post or Article Crawled by Google Instantly

This is a something that is very useful for those that want to get traffic and natural links. Many times in the past I would publish an “in the moment” article that could have hit big if my website were crawled and indexed in Google in time. In fact, I had an article like that just today. One of the most popular smartphone apps, Snapchat, came out with a brand new update. I knew if my website were indexed and ranked in Google search I would get thousands of visitors related to the new update. In years past it was nearly impossible to give Google the nudge to crawl and index a specific blog post or page. That all changed recently.

There is now an option in Google Search Console, the old Google Webmaster Tools, to have Google Fetch and Render a specific URL. It looks like this:


This is nothing new as this has been a part of webmaster tools for years. What is new is the ability to submit to index. After rendering and fetching a URL users can click the “submit to index” button.¬†Once you click the “submit to index” button you will see this screen:


Now that you can crawl only this URL or crawl this URL and its direct links. You will have 500 monthly submissions to crawl only this URL and 10 monthly submissions to crawl this URL and its direct links. I would be hesitant to use the second option as you should only use that when you have a great post or resource that has many fantastic links to other parts of your website or other websites you own. Once you click to crawl only this URL you will find that your website is almost instantly crawled, indexed and oftentimes ranked in Google search.

Below is a screenshot I took of my website shortly after using the submit to index option in the Google Search console.


My after was crawled “2 mins ago” and started receiving traffic almost instantly. This is extremely important for a webmaster that has content that will get traffic in real time. If you are a news, entertainment or sports webmaster this is a must for you. Even if you are a lawyer or mortgage broker you want to make certain Google crawls, indexes and ranks your content in an efficient manner.

From an SEO standpoint this will only improve your website as you are basically telling Google you are submitting great content that you think they should crawl quickly. Google’s algorithms feed off new and unique content. Make certain Google knows when you have published this valuable information to the Internet.