Bankruptcy Law Firm SEO

Do Bankruptcy Lawyers Need SEO and Copywriting Services?

Yes! I could stop the article right there but I am one of those crazy people that believe content is extremely important when it comes to ranking in Google search. Therefore, I will continue. Bankruptcy lawyers, and all legal professionals, greatly benefit from ranking on the front page of Google search. Money is the most secretive topic for most Americans. Ask someone about their credit card debt or how much they make in a year and they are going to quickly change the subject. With this being true, I think it is safe to say they are going to use Google search when they are searching for bankruptcy options.

Are they going to go on Facebook and post a status that they are filing bankruptcy? Are they going to Tweet that the finances have turned south and now is the time to foreclose on their house? Absolutely not. They may very well log out of Google and search for a bankruptcy lawyer in their home town. They may not even call the bankruptcy lawyer because they are so embarrassed. The privacy method of communication could be email or coming into the location to discuss this private matters.

This is why it is imperative that a bankruptcy lawyer show up on the front page of Google search. Having the correct SEO and copywriting team in place could land a bankruptcy lawyer on the front page of search for keywords that are searched in desperation. Some may search, “what do I do if I cannot pay my mortgage?” or “how long will it take my credit score to recover after bankruptcy?” There are thousands of questions any legal professional can write about when it comes to finances and money.

A great example of quality content is the Ultimate Guide to California Bankruptcy. Now this is lengthy content that is extremely useful. Anyone that has a question about bankruptcy in California will likely bump into the Steers Law Firm online. If you would like to build out a fantastic resource such as this it will take time and effort. It may also take someone that understands how to properly write content for the web. SEO Copywriting has become a buzz phrase lately but it truly is important.

Creating quality content, receiving natural links and patience is the truest form of SEO. Contact us at if you want to get more clients from your website. We have both monthly SEO packages and content packages that will help increase the number of search visitors to your website.