Do Content Keywords in Google Webmaster Tools Affect Search Rankings?

Admittedly, I spend way too much time in Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. I can tell you the exact number of search visitors I received to my website(s) on a specific date. Yes, I have a problem. Fortunately, that problem greatly helps me to better understand how the Google algorithm works. Tonight I was plugging away in Google Webmaster Tools and I started to analyze the content keywords for several websites I run and manage. These websites range from social media to personal injury law to golf to orthodontics. As you can clearly see, this is a wide range of data.

Something I noticed about all of the websites I managed is that a handful of content keywords blew away the competition. Here is an example of the top 5 keywords for my website:


Time and again, those I respect in SEO and internet marketing have expressed that Google has a topical authority aspect to their algorithm. From the above chart, it would make sense that I would rank for keywords related to social, google, media, business and search. Take a wild guess what I tend to rank very well for. Waiting… Waiting….. Yep, you got it. I rank extremely well for anything social media, search, google and business. When you combine these keyword combinations I dominate my competition.

By clicking on the content keywords in Google Webmaster Tools you are able to see how many occurrences these keywords show up on your website. After crunching the data for my website and my client’s business websites I am making the prediction that 1000 occurrences on your website will make you a topical authority. This is a complete hypothesis but it seems to be true across the board, even for more competitive industries like personal injury and orthodontics.

So, what does this mean? It means that you need more content on your website! If you want to rank for Raleigh real estate agent you need to naturally use the words Raleigh, real, estate and agent on your website. Do not spam these keywords! I know what some people are already thinking. “Well, I could make a signature at the bottom of all my blog posts that says I am a Raleigh Real Estate Agent.” While you can do that, you should first create amazing content that naturally uses these keywords. Pro tip: comments are content on a page. If you write a blog post that gets hundreds of comments with the word Raleigh in them it will be more occurrences for “Raleigh” on your website. I have a blog post that received over 1200 comments for “invite” and I now rank very well for keyword phrases with “invite”.

As SEO “experts” continue to hypothesize as to what is a ranking factor with the Google algorithm I can promise you one thing: content will always be king. There is a reason Google Webmaster Tools has a section for content keywords. There is a reason I suggest a WordPress blog to all of my clients. There is a reason the websites that have more comments rank higher. The more quality content on your website, the higher it is going to rank. There is no magic SEO pill that will cause your website to jump to the front page for specific keywords.