What is a Good Click Through Rate (CTR) for Google Search?

A large part of SEO that many people do not talk about is the click through rate (CTR) from Google search. Google Webmaster Tools allows you to see the click through rate for your entire website as well as specific keywords in which you rank. This is extremely useful to help you come up with a proper SEO strategy. If you are getting a high CTR for specific phrases you likely know that you have published a useful resource or page. If the CTR is low for keywords you have work to do.

A very good click through rate for an entire website is 5% or higher. If you can get to this mark you will find that many of the keywords you are going after will rank very well in search. If your click through rate is closer to 1%, or even lower, you will find that it is difficult to rank on the front page of Google search. If Google sees that searchers are clicking your website at a high rate they are confident your website is valuable to the user.


As the CTR for your website increases it is almost clockwork that the average position for search terms increases as well. There are a few more strategies I use to increase the average search position but that is my secret for myself and my clients.

Coming up with creative content and quality resources is not always easy. One of the best ways to improve your CTR is to be the only person in your niche or industry that has produced content on a specific subject. If you are writing a blog post that has been written 20 times before there is a high likelihood that users will click on one of the other resources. If you are writing a blog post on something truly unique you may be able to improve your CTR above 50%. In fact, I have some resources I have published that have a CTR of 75% or 80% because there are no other resources anywhere else on the Internet related to that specific subject.

If you are a business owner you have access to all kinds of free content every single day. Any time a customer or client asks a question you can create content on that topic. Make sure to note the exact phrase they use as that will be the same phrase they search on Google.