How Doctors, Dentists and Lawyers Get Business From SEO

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Every single day I see news about the latest social network. Did you know they are now creating a social network based simply on emojis? I kid you not. The only thing you can do on this social network is share smiling faces and icons. First it was Facebook, then Twitter; both Instagram and Snapchat have jumped in the fray and who knows what is next. Unfortunately, many business owners and service professionals get caught up in the social media frenzy. What some may forget is that getting business, clients and new customers is what truly matters. Those that have been in online marketing for more than two weeks know that new business is acquired through Google online search.

Google makes millions of dollars a day from Internet advertising through Google Adwords. Some orthodontist offices and law firms do not want to fork over $35 to $50 per click through Adwords. They would rather build a website that receives hundreds of organic searches a day. When someone is searching for a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta it is highly likely they will call the 1-800 and retain the services of said lawyer that ranks #1. If they see an ad on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram the conversion rate drops significantly. Ask yourself, “Would you hire a professional because you saw their ad on Facebook or Twitter?” Heck, are you even on Facebook or Twitter?

Service Professionals SEO Services

Is a WordPress Blog Necessary?

How Much Does it Cost?

What Can I Do to Help?

Service Professionals SEO Services

Over the last several years I have been retained by personal injury lawyers, orthodontists, car dealerships, LASIK eye doctors, franchise owners and real estate companies. These individuals and businesses recognize the value of ranking in search. How did they find me you ask? Through Google search! In fact, there is a good chance you found this article through Google search or a Google product. The validation of my skill set and knowledge is the fact that I can rank in search for my web presence. It shocks me how many “gurus” and “experts” claim to know and understand SEO yet they cannot rank their own website for their company name. This is a rant for another time. That said, please do your research on SEO agencies or firms before you fork over $4000 a month with a three year contract. Ask for some references and competitive keywords that they rank for or they have ranked clients for.

On to the good stuff. Ranking in search is not easy or everyone would be doing it. Only the select few doctors, dentists and lawyers in each city will achieve those valued top three spots. Getting to #1 for “Chicago Braces” is not going to happen overnight. The financial and time commitment up front will be worth its weight in gold in the long run. I have several clients that rank on the front page for city specific phrases. They receive 10 to 15 phone calls, a week, that are new clients and customers. Would you like to receive 10 new customers or clients a week? Let’s make it happen! Please contact us at┬áif you are interested in ranking on the front page of Google search for highly competitive keywords.

You may wonder if we can help your specific business. The answer is likely yes.

Is a WordPress Blog Necessary?

WordPress is the new aged way to build a website. I personally love WordPress but please understand that it is not 100% necessary. If you are building out a new website or you have the IT staff to install WordPress I would strongly suggest it. The reason WordPress is so powerful is the fact that you can update content quicker than you can type an email. Heck, it is easier than typing an email. Any time I want to post a new article on a WordPress site it takes three clicks of the mouse and voila, I am done.

WordPress is also easily crawlable by the Google robots. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I am contacted by potential clients that are using old school website designs. Some are still using Microsoft FrontPage and Adobe Website Creator! These types of websites are clunky and very difficult to update. I have even hard of clients that must send each blog post to another country to get it posted to their website. Are you kidding me? So, if I write content for your website it could take weeks or even months to be published? You expect to rank on the front page of Google with this type of process?

As you can tell, I am a strong believer in content on a page. If your private practice does not have consistent content going up on your website it is highly unlikely you will be able to outrank the competition. Some lawyers have given into the idea of quick and shall content. Most of these types of websites by the Google Panda 4.0 Penalty. The best way to avoid any type of Google penalty is by creating amazing, unique content that is going up on your website on a daily basis. The quickest and best way to get content on a website is through a WordPress blog.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost for SEO is quite variable. There are some small town lawyers or dentists that simply need a website to rank in Google search. There are other service professionals that are trying to rank in Los Angeles, Houston or Atlanta. The general rule of thumb is the bigger the city the more competition. The more competition the more time, effort and energy it is going to take to rank a website. That said, if you are in a major city and you are #1 for “Orlando Real Estate Agent” you can be rest assured that you are going to receive new business every single day. You will end up having to turn people away.

We create a custom package for our clients based on their needs. Some clients will want Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat Twitter and Pinterest for business. Other clients will care much more about internal linking and on site SEO. There are others that will just want to grow on YouTube and other Google products. All of this comes into play with a monthly package. In the initial conversations I will likely ask what you are looking for in terms of Internet marketing.

Do you want to show up on the top of Google search? Do you want a large Facebook following? Do Instagram Likes matter to you? Do you desire 25 retweets for your photos or blog posts? Is LinkedIn where you find clients and business partners? You may not know all the answers to some of these questions but I can guide you through what I have seen with my clients in the same industries and verticals. Most service professionals want to rank in Google search and they are not all that concerned with Instagram and Snapchat. That said, there are industries in which an Instagram presence is very useful.

What Can We Do to Help?

The majority of my clients are businesses that are run by good people. No, not good people. Great people! They want to do everything possible to help with the process. Most of the time I explain to them that their skill set is being in the court room or operating room. A common phrase I use is, “you fix people’s teeth and I will get you more business.” If you really want to help grow your Internet presence I would suggest coming up with unique content.

Being a doctor, dentist or lawyer you see and hear things that the common Internet user does not. In fact, most people searching for a dentist or lawyer have likely not been in the dentist’s chair or courtroom in years or decades. This means your knowledge is invaluable. If you can help your content writers or copywriters come up with truly amazing content it will only strengthen your Internet presence. The more valuable content that is produced on your website, the more keywords you are going to rank for.


I would never suggest you sit down and pump out three 1500 words articles every night but give your copywriter or content writer a call in your free time and come up with some idea to get words on a page. Putting both of your heads together will likely help you come up with something that has never been posted before; at least not in your local area. This valuable content will help each visitor that comes to your website which in turn will be a reason for Google to rank you higher in search. If you have your customers, clients and website visitors in mind you are going to naturally rank higher in Google search.