DUI Lawyers See Google Local “Pack” Search Results Return in March 2015

Well, there haven’t been many algorithm updates lately but something interesting is the reemergence of the Local 7-pack and 3-pack for DUI lawyers. In July of 2014 DUI lawyers saw the Google Local pack disappear. While some felt it was just a glitch or error in the Google system that did not prove to be the case. For several months there were no local results on the front page of Google for DUI related searches. That changed in mid March 2015. Below is a screenshot of the search for “Portland DUI Lawyer”:


The Google Local search map that populates with many searches could mean the difference in a business make money hand over fist and having to close the doors. The Google Local search result often shows up at the very top of Google search. In fact, there is only one search above the local pack for the “Portland DUI Lawyer” phrase. I have seen circumstances in which the Google Local map takes up the entire above the fold section of the Google search result.

This is great news for DUI lawyers and attorneys that ranked well in the Google Local search. For lawyers and attorneys there were getting organic search because of the absence of this local pack it may very well be the case that search traffic and click through rates (CTR) drop slightly. My suggestion is to rank in both! If you have a strong website and you have properly optimized your Google My Business page you can get search traffic from both locations.

Something else you may want to consider is making your website mobile friendly. The first time I saw the Google local search result for a DUI lawyer keyword phrase was on my Android phone. I immediately checked on my iPhone and saw it there as well. In my experience, I have seen Google test different types of search results on mobile even before they release it to desktop. If you have a legal website that is not mobile friendly you will likely be penalized after the April 21st, 2015 algorithm update. It is not that difficult to update a website to be responsive to tablets and smartphones. Get started with that today.

Hopefully the Google Local map search returning to the front page of Google search is good for your law firm or legal practice. If you are looking to grow your business with the proper SEO and content do not hesitate to reach out to me today. I have helped many lawyers and attorneys reach the front page for keywords that would cost over $75 per click in Google Adwords. Instead of paying all this money for Adwords it might be a solid decision to create a content creation and marketing strategy that will help you get leads on a consistently basis.