Google Algorithm Update in December 2017

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We have been hearing reports from many webmasters and website owners that their traffic is way down in the month of December 2017. Some are reporting as much as a 25% drop. We have seen everything from a 13% daily drop to a 24% weekly drop in the last few weeks. Is Google twisting and turning the knobs on the Penguin or Panda algorithm? Do webmasters have a cause for concern?

For quite some time we have wondered when the latest algorithm update would hit the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) world. It looks as if it is coming in December 2017. There has not been a major algorithm update in quite a long time. In one of the most recent updates, Google announced they would have “ongoing” updates with Penguin back in September 2016. The real time Penguin algorithm makes it much harder to diagnose a problem in terms of SEO but any webmaster that has a great deal of experience can look at the link portfolio, content, backend coding and other factors to determine if a site has been hit.

Google Panda 5.0?

Are we seeing the 2017 Panda update? Remember that Google Panda’s goal is to reduce low quality content from search. If you own a website that doesn’t have high quality content, you may be seeing the effects of the latest Panda update which would be Panda 5.0. It is very difficult for the common Internet users to determine the value of content. Those that deeply understand SEO can spot it quickly. Email us at if you are concerned you do not have high quality content on your site. This might be the root cause of your decline in traffic in December 2017.

Getting Traffic Back to Normal

Can your business or hobby website get its traffic back to normal? Is this a minor blip that will be fixed in a few days? These are tough questions to answer. Reach out to us so we can perform a professional SEO Audit on your website which will give you a better understanding of how you can get your website back to where it was. We will also offer suggestions as to how you can get even more traffic in 2018.