Google Core Algorithm Update in June 2015; Not Panda or Penguin

In mid June 2015 several business owners and webmasters have emailed me questioning a possible Google algorithm update. Today, we received word from Google that there has been an algorithm update in mid June 2015 but it is not related to Panda or Penguin. This algorithm update is a simple core algorithm update in which Google has tweaked the core algorithm that has been used since the early days of Google search.

Just yesterday the Mozcast was at 102 which is extremely high when compared to normal periods. While I do not put all my trust in the Mozcast SEO/Google Algorithm forecast it is interesting to check it out when other webmasters have emailed me. If you have been affected by the latest algorithm updates feel free to contact me at I offer monthly SEO packages and I am genuinely curious as to what websites have seen an adjustment in their search rankings over the last few days or weeks.

If you have seen your website drop in the rankings lately you might want to check out Google Webmaster Tools, which is now Google Search Console, and look at your average position, your click through rate and your link portfolio. If you have concerns with any of these areas do not hesitate to reach out to me today. I can help you decide the next steps to improving your Google search rankings. Sometimes you need new and creative content and other times you simply need to optimize the content you already have.

UPDATE: News websites and blogs that are updated on a consistent basis seem to be seeing the largest jump in overall traffic and search exposure. Below is a list that was compiled by Search Engine Land:



While some will immediately assume all news websites saw a jump in traffic I would argue it is websites that are updated on a consistent basis. Google is working very hard to make real time search a reality and websites that produce real time news are only going to be rewarded in the near future. If you are a business owner and your website is not updated consistently you are missing out on quite a bit of search traffic.