Google Map Local Search Drops to 3 Spots; No More A, B or C

The saga of the Google Map Local Search “pack” continues. On Thursday, August 6th, 2015 Google rolled out a “3 pack” instead of the commonly seen “7 pack”. Interestingly, we are no longer seeing letter rankings such as A, B and C either. Google is simply showing three businesses with the option to expand. Here is a screenshot:


What does this mean for SEO and getting business from your web presence or website? Well, it means you need to be in the top 3. If you were the D or E listing you are no longer going to get the business you used to get. Most people saw this coming as the local listing on mobile (iPhone and Android) only showed the top 3 spots for quite some time.

Over the weekend I am going to do plenty of research to determine why Google did this and what businesses can do to rank in the Google Maps Local 3 pack.