New Google RankBrain Algorithm the Third Most Important Ranking Factor

Over the last few days the SEO industry has been enamored with the announcement of the Google RankBrain algorithm update. Google announced that RankBrain is a part of the overall Hummingbird Algorithm which includes Panda and Penguin. Google told Bloomberg that RankBrain was the ability for computers to determine synonyms for what people are searching. In essence, Google now knows what you mean rather than exactly what you type.

Google also told Bloomberg that the RankBrain algorithm is the third most important ranking factor when it comes to Google search. Google did not explain the two most important ranking factors but most would agree it is content and links. What we now know is that unique content, links and a “natural” way to publish information is the triangle of SEO.

If you want your website to rank in Google search do not write simply for keywords. The RankBrain is going to slowly learn that Google searches do not search for specific keywords every single time. Instead, they search in sentences or questions. If you are a mortgage broker you do not have to only think about ranking for Los Angeles mortgage broker. You will want to publish many articles or resources that hit on a number of different questions and concerns that have been expressed by real clients.

As we move forward I truly believe websites that have truly unique content are going to crush their competitors. If you currently have a website that has been optimized for a select few keyword phrases you are going to notice a drop in your search rankings and search traffic in the years to come. Google searches do not know to search for Atlanta premises liability lawyer. They are going to search “I slipped and hurt myself, can I sue?”

The best thing you can do to rank higher in Google search is to have 100% unique content that answers questions. Every time a potential customer or client asks a question it would be smart to create a blog post or resource answering that question. Note that different individuals have different terminology. What some people call an 18 wheeler others call a big rig. Some might call it a pickup truck while others call it an F150. The Google RankBrain is going to figure all of this out.

Does Google RankBrain Affect Personal Injury Lawyers? – This is a question that is going to be asked thousands of times in the coming years. Personal injury lawyers and car accident lawyers always want to be ahead of the competition when it comes to Google search. They are going to be searching diligently for ways they can stay ahead and rank at the top of page 1. The best thing for a personal injury law firm to do is to create 100% unique content that has never been published before. This can be extremely difficult but it will be well worth it when it comes to ranking a legal website for years to come.