Google Real Time Penguin Algorithm Update Coming in April 2016?

Notice the question mark. We are still waiting on confirmation from Google but it should be happening soon as a number of Google employees explained the “real time” penguin algorithm will roll out in the first quarter of 2016. Well, the first quarter has quickly come to a close and there is no word from Google yet. That said, it doesn’t mean they haven’t been testing it on weekends or holidays just to see the search results out in the wild.

This is a very important Google Algorithm update as it will allow website owners to recover from a penalty in real time rather than having to wait for another Penguin update. If you were hit by Penguin back in 2014 you are still waiting for the newest Penguin update to see if your website recovers. As we all, know this is an extremely long time for a business website to not get search traffic.

Lawyers, mortgage brokers and orthodontists are all waiting patiently to see what happens. Some that have published amazing content and have not gone aggressively after links are hoping Google’s real time penguin update will hit or punish those websites that are using aggressive SEO techniques that are not natural. On the flip side of that, those that have had a manual or algorithmic penalty lifted are hoping they see their search traffic recover in April or May 2016.

We predict an update from Google in the next 30 to 60 days. If you are having problems getting search traffic to your website feel free to reach out to us at We offer a number of different monthly SEO packages that can help you get more clients, patients and business from your website.