Middle School and High School Links Worth More for SEO?

It has been well documented that .edu and .gov links are “valued higher” by Google in terms of SEO value. Google placesĀ great importance on education as the creators, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, were in graduate school at Stanford University when they created the algorithm. With education and government links worth more is it also true that middle school and high school links are of more importance?

Remember that Google’s algorithm places a value on every domain and every page on a domain. It is possible that a domain with a PageRank of 10 could have a page that has a PageRank of 1 or 2. Low value pages do exist on high value domains. This is why it is imperative to have a natural link portfolio that includes links for an assortment of high quality domains and high quality pages.

With this being said, links from high school and middle school websites are very valuable. The reason for this is because most educational websites are not handing out links to everyone. To get cited by a high school or middle school means that your resource provides great value. When Google sees this, they place an even higher value on your page and your domain.

The best educational links to get are those that are extremely difficult to get. There are dozens of SEO firms that claim they can get high quality .edu links. If a claimed “SEO firm” or “SEO agency” can get links from .edu websites, that link is not nearly as valuable as the natural .edu link you will receive from a well cited resource you published on your website.

If you want to acquire .edu and educational links provide great resources that are cited by students. You may consider self help guides, ways to improve test taking skills, what to expect when you get into college, should you go to grad school or other resources that students will find useful. Depending on your industry and niche, there are creative ways you can publish content that will garner the attention of students. Students writing for middle school and high school websites want to outbound link, unfortunately, there are very few websites that are worthy of these links.

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