How Much Google Search Traffic Comes From Mobile Devices or Tablets?

This is a question that gets asked every single day from small business owners. Those wanting to improve their SEO and search rankings are often left wondering how much traffic is coming from iPhones, Android phones and mobile devices. Some websites may be getting the large majority of their web traffic on an iPad and they may not know it. Mobile compatibility tests are very important but what do they matter if you have no idea how much traffic is coming from a smartphone or tablet?

The first thing I would strongly suggest all business website owners and webmasters do is to install Google Analytics. In Google Analytics you can clearly see the device in which search visitors are using. You can even grind down to see the exact make and model of the device. I personally feel as if the total number of mobile, tablet and desktop users is good enough for me. I also track this through real time search which looks like this:


The majority of the traffic that comes to this website is through search so I know these numbers are rather close to accurate. There may be some Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest users that are on a mobile device but with search dominating my traffic I feel confident that at that particular moment 70% of visitors were on a mobile device.

If you have yet to optimize your website for mobile devices you are going to lose search traffic starting April 21st, 2015. There is a Google search algorithm update that will take place and websites that do not look good on a smartphone will not show up in mobile search. This does not mean your desktop search will change at all. That said, if you are getting 70% of your traffic from mobile search and you are not mobile compatible you are going to see a huge drop in overall search traffic.

The graphic above does not illustrate search traffic for all websites. I would imagine most legal websites, business websites and workplace websites get most of their search traffic from desktop. Entertainment and TV websites are almost guaranteed to get their traffic from mobile. If your websites gets daytime traffic it is likely from a desktop computer and if you get nighttime traffic it is likely on a tablet or through a mobile phone.

What are the numbers for your website? Do you see more mobile and tablet traffic than desktop traffic?