Should Orthodontists Use WordPress or Televox for a Website?

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Many times orthodontists, dentists and/or medical professionals will contact me asking for assistance. The first question I always ask is, “What is your website?” Time and again business professionals and doctors offices tell me they went through Televox, Ortho Infusion or another “speciality” web designer. Some of these websites do not have the functionality to add a blog or easily add content on a daily basis.

This can make it very difficult to rank in Google Search as the Google Algorithms feed off new and unique content. If you have to send your content to a “content manager” to get published it is likely going to take days and possibly weeks. Instead, you could create a WordPress based website and publish content as easily as you send an email. In fact, I would argue¬†publishing content on WordPress is easier than sending an email.

What is WordPress the Best for Business Websites?

WordPress is software that allows website owners or webmasters to easily update any part of their website. When I work with clients with a WordPress website it is 50 times easier than trying to fight another content management system. Every industry has them. In the legal industry it is Justia and Findlaw. In the real estate industry it is Real Pro Systems. I am certain there are even web design companies that focus on building websites for SEO websites.

Instead of thinking you need an industry specific website design company look at the options available on WordPress. I will be the first to say that WordPress cannot do everything. If you want to list products, have email drips and know who click on what links on your Map page you might be better off using a more specific web design company. If you want to rank in Google search and get business from those that search for your services WordPress works just fine. In fact, it works amazingly.

Several times I have tested building a business website in a very competitive niche. Each time I was able to have the WordPress website crawled, indexed and ranked in Google search within 48 to 72 hours. Note that it was ranking for very specific keyword phrases and not money phrases like Invisalign in Miami. That said, if you have any business presence in the real world it should not be hard to receive natural links that point to your business website. If you would like to rank in search please feel free to contact us at

Why Use Televox or Ortho Infusion?

If you have very specific needs and you are looking for an all in one website you may want to consider a web design company that has worked with others in your industry. You are likely going to pay a little more but it will be worth it for all the bells and whistles. Please understand that all the bells and whistles are not necessary to rank in Google search. They may be necessary to run your business but they aren’t a prerequisite to get that page one ranking.

The website you are reading right now is a basic WordPress theme website that does not have the bells and whistles. There are no sliders with photos flying across the page. There is not a custom color scheme or a specialized design for my niche. This is a responsive theme but almost all modern WordPress themes are responsive in 2015. The larger majority of them are also free!


If you want a beautiful website that offers much more than ranking in search you will want to research Televox, Ortho Infusion and other orthodontist specific website designers. If you simply want to rank in Google search you can build out a basic WordPress theme with tons of unique content and you will rank in no time. Remember that competitive keywords are going to take a little longer to rank but it is well worth it as your phone will be ringing off the hook once you hit the front page of Google search for your “money” keywords.