Pest Control SEO and Copywriting

If you are interested in ranking at the top of Google for Pest Control in your local area or city, contact us as We have over 15 years of experience ranking businesses #1 in Google Search.

Pest Control company CEO’s, CTO’s and decision makers have a lot on their plate. Over the past five (5) years they have had to deal with the difficulties of staffing through tough times, creating a safe and hospitable work environment, keeping trucks on the road and finding a way to make a profit. This does not allow them the time to research and understand the Google Algorithm. That said, ranking at the top of search for [your city] Pest Control can be the difference in added 50 new accounts a month or adding three (3) new accounts a month. There is no quicker way to grow your Pest Control business than to rank at the top of Google Search in both the Maps listing and the organic search results.

Fortunately, we have studied the Google Search Algorithm for over 15 years. With this knowledge, we have been able to help Pest Control businesses grow significantly in a short period of time. Whether you are a single truck Pest Control company or have multiple locations throughout the state with hundreds of trucks on the road we can help you rank in Google Search. While some Pest Control CEO’s are resigned to the fact that they are simply not as big as Terminix, Cook’s, Home Paramount, Dobson or Cleggs, it is important to understand that the Google Algorithm treats all businesses equal. We can help your small business or large corporation rank at the top of Google through proper Pest Control SEO strategies.

What Your Pest Control Marketing or Ad Agency Does for SEO

There are many Pest Control specific marketing companies and ad agencies throughout the United States. Most of these marketing companies are trying to make as much money as possible while doing as little as possible. They have likely sold you on social media ads, Google paid search, SEO and even app development. It is highly likely they have tried to sell you on a $10,000+ website in the last several years because this will “help” you get better results. They can’t really explain why but will convince you it does.

Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars a month on marketing without knowing where it is going, it is important to make certain you see results. If you have paid for SEO for a year and you have not seen your search results increase, your marketing company or ad agency is not doing their job. So, what exactly are they doing for SEO?

Most marketing companies or ad agencies white label SEO through a vendor. We have been one of these vendors for quite some time. They do not know how to rank at the top of Google Search internally so they hire someone that knows how. They then go back to the Pest control company, mark up the SEO 50% to 100%. Oftentimes, the marketing company marks up SEO and doesn’t even use a vendor for a number of months. They only go to the SEO expert when the client complains or threatens to sign with another marketing agency.

It is not unusual for marketing companies to combine all Google Search Marketing into one lump sum. Unfortunately, this can be a very grey area as Pest Control companies could pay $20,000+ just on paid search. An account manager may push to increase the budget in the spring months as much as 50% to 75% as this is when Pest Control companies see an uptick in business and search traffic. Even though the budget has increased, marketing companies and ad agencies often do nothing different than in the months of November, December and January. So, what is real Pest Control SEO and how do you get it? You can contact us at if you are seeking better search results for your Pest Control company.

What is Real Pest Control SEO

SEO is the process of optimizing a website to rank at the top of Google Search. The Google Algorithm was based on a college thesis or dissertation with the content on the website being the content of the thesis. The links pointing to a website are the references or works cited in the thesis. The overall structure and backend of the website is the layout that must be abided by according to the thesis editor. In laymen’s terms, content, links and overall website structure are the three (3) most important factors in SEO.

SEO is hard. Extremely hard. It is not easy to publish well written and properly edited articles to a website every single month. It is even harder to find and secure links pointing at said content or specific location landing pages. While it may be feasible to do this for month #1 and month #2, it becomes a challenge after several months and links are exhausted. This is why we thrive in terms of Pest Control SEO. We have acquired thousands of links for individual Pest Control clients to help them rank at the top of Google Search.

Some of the links we have acquired for Pest Control clients include:

  • CNN
  • BBB
  • Meetup
  • MapQuest
  • Dun & Bradstreet
  • NHL
  • ESPN
  • iMLB
  • Apartment Therapy
  • eHow
  • Porch
  • Patheos
  • Farm Progress
  • Google Answers
  • Naked Capitalism
  • PCT Online
  • Handyman Reviewed
  • Go Pet Friendly
  • Insight Pest
  • and many more.

While most marketing agencies will get directory links or citations, we go much deeper and get the links that actually matter. Once again, this is not easy. It takes years and years of relationships, some creative partnerships and hours of hard work. As with anything in life, to get high quality results it takes a significant amount of time and effort. If you are not seeing the search results you are looking for your marketing company or ad agency is likely not putting in the time and effort. Or they simply do not understand SEO and ranking in Google Search.

One of our multi location Pest Control clients tasked us with acquiring the links to get them to rank at the top of Google for all nine (9) locations. This is what we were able to do:

Not only were we able to rank all nine (9) locations, but we also saw a huge increase in overall traffic and the total number of keywords the Pest Control website ranked for. Note there was a slight delay for the rankings to kick in, but once they did, the total keywords moved up significantly.

This particular client received links from a number of universities and government websites. The .edu and .gov links were important in proving to Google that this particular business was highly authoritative in the Pest Control and Removal industry.

Pest Control Copywriting

We know the importance of high quality content. You can have all the links in the world but if your website only has one page and doesn’t include the keywords you want to rank for, it is not going to rank. We have had Pest Control clients come to us asking why they are not ranking for “Austin, Texas Pest Control”. After doing an audit of their site, they didn’t even have the words “Austin, Texas Pest Control” on their website other than in a header image. This is telling Google your website has no knowledge of this subject matter.

While we know keyword stuffing and over optimization can get a website penalized, we also know the correct density that is needed to rank for highly competitive keywords. We performed a case study in 2012 in an attempt to get a website penalized by Google. We received the notification in the former Google Webmaster Tools, which is currently Google Search Console. This was not a business or client website as it was a specific case study. Now we know what is acceptable and what is considered keyword stuffing and over optimization.

Coming up with creative content for your Pest Control website is often difficult for marketing companies and ad agencies. Once again, during months #1 and #2 they can come up with a few articles, but after that, they run out of ideas. This is not a problem for us.

Some great blog post or landing page ideas for a Pest Control business include:

  • If I head crickets in my house, should I be worried?
  • Is it ok to have a snake in your basement?
  • Can you get termites in a new home construction?
  • Pet safe pest control treatments
  • What does termite damage on baseboards look like?
  • When do ticks come out in [your city/state]
  • What bug makes thick webs in trees and windows?
  • When do fireflies come out in [your city/state]?
  • Can bedbugs come back after treatment?
  • Why do I get ants in my house every year?
  • Will pest control treatment stain walls or floors?
  • How long does pest control treatment last?
  • Can you get sick from pest control treatment?
  • Can mosquitos bite through yoga pants?
  • Most common ticks in [your state]
  • Most common places for bed bugs
  • How long do mosquito bites take to go away?
  • Are dragonflies bad for my garden?
  • How long does it take for fruit flies to appear?
  • Why do I have more bugs in my house after rain?
  • Why are there ants in my dishwasher?
  • How to keep bugs out in the winter
  • Why are there more mosquitos after a hurricane?
  • How do I get rid of mosquitos from my basement?
  • Are termites edible for pets or humans?
  • Why are there bugs in my heating vents?
  • How did I get bed bugs in my couch?
  • Do bed bugs fly?
  • Common pests in [your state] gardens
  • Does pollen in my home affect insects?
  • How can you tell if bed bugs are gone?
  • Can termites come back after treatment?
  • What do termites look like?
  • Can termites bite humans?
  • How to get rid of Palmetto bugs
  • How to get rid of rats
  • Will water around my HVAC cause bug problems?
  • How to get rid of drywood termites
  • How to get ride of house flies
  • What is the best insecticide for house plants
  • What is the best insecticide for my garden
  • How much should I pay for a high quality insecticide
  • Can I get a monthly pest control service for under $100

These are just a few of the many more types of content that can not only rank in Google Search but can also naturally acquire high quality links. It is important to note that this content will only rank if it is written in a way in which Google knows an industry expert has created the content. Not anyone can whip up a blog post and hope it ranks in Google search.

This is another reason marketing companies and ad agencies cannot get Google search results. They have an employee with zero Pest Control knowledge and a lack of writing ability to publish content on client websites. Google has artificial intelligence to know what is human generated content by someone with expertise in the pest control industry vs what is low quality content.

Can My Small Pest Control Company Compete with the Big Boys?

We are often contacted by small Pest Control companies that think they simply cannot compete with the larger Pest Control companies in their state or region. This is simply not true. Time and again we have seen smaller Pest Control companies ranking at the top of Google Search; above some of the largest corporations. In fact, there is an opportunity for smaller companies because they are nimble and can adjust strategy more quickly. They are not set on a multi year strategy in which they are locked into a contract with a marketing company.

Having worked with small, medium and large sized Pest Control businesses, we know the strategy that will work for you. Contact us at if you want to get started today. We can do a full audit of your current content, your link portfolio and the structure of your website. We can create a cost effective way for you to rank in Google Search. Importantly, we can cut out the middle man and will not mark up your SEO costs because we are white labeling it through a vendor. We do all the SEO (content, link building and website optimization) ourselves. You are not going to ask us a question that we have not heard before. We will not have to go to an “expert” because we are the Pest Control SEO experts.

The top 100 largest pest control companies in North America are

  1. Rollins – Atlanta, Georgia
  2. Terminix Global Holdings – Memphis, Tennessee
  3. Rentokil – Reading Pennsylvania
  4. Ecolab – St. Paul, Minnesota
  5. Massey Services – Orlando, Florida
  6. Arrow Exterminators – Atlanta, Georgia
  7. Aptive Environmenta – Provo, Utah
  8. Anticimex – Berkeley Heights, New Jersey
  9. Cook’s Pest Control – Decatur, Alabama
  10. Terminix Service – Columbia, South Carolina
  11. Truly Nolen of America – Tucson, Arizona
  12. ABC Home & Commercial Services – Austin, Texas
  13. Abell Pest Contro, Toronto, Ontario
  14. Home Paramount Pest Control – Forest Hill, Maryland
  15. Fox Pest Control – Logan, Utah
  16. Plunkett’s Pest Contro – Fridley, Minnesota
  17. Dodson Pest Contro – Lynchburg, Virginia
  18. Greenix Pest Control – Orem, Utah
  19. Terminix Co. of North Carolina – Fayetteville, North Carolina
  20. Edge – Orem, Utah
  21. Hulett Environmental Services – West Palm Beach, Florida
  22. Senske Services – Kennewick, Washington
  23. Certus – Guilford, Connecticut
  24. Sprague Pest Solutions – Tacoma, Washington
  25. Lloyd Pest Control – San Diego, California
  26. Rose Pest Solutions – Troy, Michigan
  27. J&J Exterminating – Lafayette, Louisiana
  28. Terminix Company – Greensboro, North Carolina
  29. ABC Home & Commercial Services of DFW – Lewisville, Texas
  30. Rottler Pest Control – St. Louis, Missouri
  31. PestNow – Sterling, Virginia
  32. Pacific Coast Termite – Orange, California
  33. Maheu & Maheu – Quebec City, Quebec
  34. Green Pest Solutions – West Chester, Pennsylvania
  35. Advanced IPM – Roseville, California
  36. ABC Home & Commercial Services – Cypress, Texas
  37. Clegg’s Termite & Pest Control – Durham, NC
  38. Pointe Pest Control – Post Falls, Idaho
  39. Palmetto Exterminators – Charleston, SC
  40. Braman Termite & Pest Elimination – Agawam, Massachusetts
  41. Servall Termite & Pest Control – Clarksville, Tennessee
  42. Corky’s Pest Contro – San Macros, California
  43. RK Environmental Services – Westwood, New Jersey
  44. Black Diamond Pest Control – Jeffersonville, Indiana
  45. Pestmaster Services – Reno, Nevada
  46. Pointe Pest Control – Eagle, Idaho
  47. Mosquito Shield – North Attleboro, Massachusetts
  48. Cingo – Atlanta, Georgia
  49. Arrow – Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  50. Breda Pest Management – Loganville, Georgia
  51. Adam’s Pest Control – Medina, Minnesota
  52. Deans Pest Control – Leesburg, Florida
  53. American Pest Control – Athens, Georgia
  54. Eastside Exterminators – Woodenville, Washington
  55. Versacor Enterprises – Southlake, Texas
  56. Nozzle Nolen – West Palm Beach, Florida
  57. Liberty Pest Control – Brooklyn, New York
  58. Insight Pest Solutions – Federal Way, Washington
  59. Quality Pest Services – Anaheim, California
  60. Frontline Pest – Baltimore, Maryland
  61. Scherzinger Pest Control – Cincinnati, Ohio
  62. Southern & Sovereign Pest Control – Virginia Beach, Virginia
  63. West Termite Pest & Lawn – Lowell, Arkansas
  64. Ardent – Highland, Utah
  65. Go-Forth Pest Management – Greensboro, North Carolina
  66. The Bugman – Anaheim, California
  67. Lewis Pest Control – Thomasville, Alabama
  68. Nelon-Cole – Shelby, North Carolina
  69. Apex Pest Control – Rockledge, Florida
  70. All Natural Pest Elimination – Medford, Oregon
  71. National Exterminating – Newport News, Virginia
  72. Ace Exterminating – Joelton, Tennessee
  73. Meerkat Pest Control – Albany, New York
  74. Animal Pest Management Services – Chino, California
  75. DA Exterminating – Metairie, Louisiana
  76. Future Services – Grayson, Georgia
  77. American Pest Control – Hanna City, Illinois
  78. All-American Pest Control – Nashville, Tennessee
  79. The Bug Master – Austin, Texas
  80. Hoffman’s Exterminating – Mantua, New Jersey
  81. B & B Exterminating – Jacksonville, Florida
  82. Horizon Pest Control – Midland Park, New Jersey
  83. Petri Pest Control Services – Pompano Beach, Florida
  84. Catseye New England – Cromwell, Connecticut
  85. Anthem Pest Control – Duluth, Georgia
  86. Platinum Pest Solutions – Lansing, Illinois
  87. Romex Pest Contro – Plano, Texas
  88. Canady’s Services – Lumber Bridge, North Carolina
  89. Luv-A-Lawn and Pest Control – St. Cloud, Florida
  90. Armor Pest Defense – Blackfoot, Idaho
  91. Pest-End – Plaistow, New Hampshire
  92. Innovative Pest Solutions – Vista, California
  93. Newport Exterminating – Irvine, California
  94. No More Bugs – Raleigh, North Carolina
  95. Aruza Pest Control – Charlotte, North Carolina
  96. True Heat Solutions – Upland, California
  97. Moxie Pest Control of Arizona – Phoenix, Arizona
  98. A-1 Termite and Pest Control – Lenoir, NC
  99. Bug-N-A-Rug Exterminators – Wilmnington, NC
  100. Capitol Pest – Beltsville, Maryland

If you want to grow your Pest Control business with more accounts starting today, it is advisable to rank higher in the Google Search results. Having a larger radius in which your business shows up in Google Maps while also ranking for more total keywords is a tried and true method to grow your business and increase your profits. We will work with your business individually so you can rest easy knowing you are getting the best results for the money you are paying.