What is More Important for SEO – Links or Content?

Every single work day I get asked the question, “what is more important for ranking in Google search? Links or content?” When it comes to SEO everyone wants to stay a few steps ahead of their competition. That said, it seems to also be the case that they want to get ahead with less work. With any business model, remember that hard work goes a very long way. Instead of trying to cut corners to rank #1 on Google in the first month it is best to build a solid foundation when it comes to an online presence.

If a business website is committed to producing daily or weekly content the likelihood of receiving natural links increases drastically. The best SEO you can do for your business website is to create content that is getting links from all of the web with little to no effort. If you commit to publishing daily articles for a full year news outlets and other web entities are going to find your content and link to it on a consistent basis. I see this with all of my clients.


For the first two or three months it can seem like you are getting nowhere as the natural links just do not happen. After the foundation of content has been laid it is much more likely that authoritative websites will be willing to link to your blog or content. Think of it this way, if you walk into a shoe store and there are only five different pairs of shoes are you likely to shop there and tell friends about it? Now, you walk into another shoe store that has over 100 different pairs of shoes with all the new styles. You find three pairs of shoes you like at a very affordable price. The next time you wear those shoes a friend asks, “where did you get those?” This is exactly how Internet Marketing and SEO works.

If you have 10 landing pages on your website you are not differentiating yourself from the competition. I can promise you that every personal injury lawyer in your area has created the same areas of practice page. They all have a car accident, slip and fall and brain injury page. What are you going to do to make your website better and more useful? How about some unique content. That is just what the doctor ordered.

What About Link Building?

Many personal injury lawyers, orthodontists, doctors, real estate agents and attorneys ask me if they should start a link building campaign. When building natural links it is very important to remember that everything is good in moderation. In your industry, there are likely several different web directories or web domains that focus on a specific group of individuals. I would suggest only working on the websites that require proof that you are a lawyer or orthodontist or doctor. If they do not ask for verification every single “guru” is saying they are the best car accident lawyer in Sacramento.

There are also plenty of opportunities within your business network to naturally build links. If you work with a reconstruction specialist, spinal cord doctor or consultant it makes sense that you would each write guest content for each other’s websites. This will help those that find that particular website better understand your business network and your area of expertise.

I would never go out and get hundreds or thousands of links at one time. I have seen companies go to Fiverr and buy 5,000 blog comment links. These are not valuable. Not only are they not valuable, they can actually get your website penalized – think Panda and Penguin. Once again, remember that anything that is sustainable will take time to build. If you are trying to cut corners and get a large number of low value links they are not going to help you rank higher in Google search.

How Much Content Do I Need?

As much as you can get! Honestly, the amount of content needed is based on the competition. If you have a family law practice in Bryson City, North Carolina you likely do not have much competition. If you are an Atlanta car accident lawyer, you have tons of competition. What I suggest to my clients is to see what your competition is doing and double that. If they are writing three blog posts a week you should be doing six blog posts a week.

This is not easy to do. Most business professionals do not have the time or energy to write content after they have been in the courtroom or office all day. Rather than feeling as if you have to publish all the content remember there are plenty of great copywriters that can help you produce content on a consistent basis.