TV, Movie and Entertainment Websites Hit with December 2017 Google Algorithm Update

After digging deeper into many different websites’ Google Analytics we have come to the conclusion that the December 2017 Google Algorithm Update was aimed at TV, Movie and Entertainment websites. It looks as if this algorithm went after sites that were reporting on future movies, TV shows or other forms of entertainment that would be released in the future but do not have an exact release date. Think “Stranger Things Season 3 release date”. At this point, no one knows when the third season will be released but people are searching for it. Some websites state “it will likely be in 2018 or 2019”. Google feels as if this is not the type of content that needs to show up in search.

Here are two Google Analytics charts showing the decline in traffic from sites such as this:

Notice the steep drop that began on Monday, December 11th, 2017. The drop has been severe for some websites. We have been hearing TV and movie websites have seen their search traffic drop as much as 60% in December 2017.

Here is a Google Search Console chart depicting the same drop on December 11th and December 12th, 2017.

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