Veterinarian or Animal Hospital SEO

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Each and every week we hear about changes to the Google algorithm. In some instances websites see major adjustments in search rankings and in other instances there are just a few small changes. The Google Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates have continued to push for natural links pointing back to a website or domain. Unfortunately, some veterinarian websites have over optimized for a specific keyword phrase such as “Miami, Florida Vet” and they are penalized by Google and other search engines.

One way to not worry about over optimizing for a keyword is to receive natural links. This can be quite difficult for those in the medical industry, especially if they do not have any social media profiles or a presence on some of the social networks.


What Should Veterinarians Do to Increase Search Traffic

Increasing search traffic is not easy. That is why some professionals are willing to spend $50 to $75 on a single click to their website through Google Adwords. If you are looking to grow an online presence with your Veterinarian practice content is king. Creating amazing, focused content that is unique and useful will go a very long way in the eyes of Google and any search engine. Search algorithms created by MSN, Bing, Yahoo! and AOL all desire content to thrive. This means a website that is looking to increase search traffic should create content.

Unfortunately, almost all professionals have realized that content is king so they are already doing it. To stay ahead of the competition it is a good idea to buck the trend. One way to do this is to be unique and focused in your content while also building strong relationships with other website owners. If you have links from authoritative websites in the veterinarian industry, you are going to find that you rank better.

Rather than having your staff do this, it would be wise to hire an agency that has decades of experience with algorithms and ranking websites in search. If you want your animal hospital to rank at the top of Google Search, reach out to us at and we will discuss options to make it happen.